Hear our Music


  1. What does Amper do?

    Amper is an AI music company. We develop enterprise products to help people make music using our AI Composer technology. Today we offer two products—our music creation platform Score, and an API that allows companies to integrate our music composition capabilities into their own tools.

  2. What is Score?

    Score is a tool for content creators to quickly make music to accompany videos, podcasts, games, and other types of content using our AI Composer. Score is designed to significantly reduce the time it takes to source music and adapt it to fit a particular project.

  3. Who is Score intended for?

    Score was built for businesses who create a lot of content and are looking for ways to source high quality music more efficiently. Video editors, podcast producers, and video game designers can all benefit from Score's capabilities.

  4. How is Score different from stock music sites?

    Each track Score outputs is composed by our AI in real-time and is always custom to your project. Collaborating with Score allows you to tailor a broad variety of your track's musical attributes, including length, structure, genre, mood, instrumentation, and tempo.

    Additionally, all the sounds you hear in Score are samples of real instruments recorded at Amper's Los Angeles studio. Unlike stock music, which is often made using widely available sample "packs", Score's sounds are proprietary. This makes Amper's music truly unique.

  5. How does licensing work for Score's music?

    Music created using Score is royalty-free and comes with a global, perpetual license for Score subscribers when synced to content.

  6. How is the API typically utilized?

    The API allows your company to integrate our end-to-end music creation capabilities directly into your platform. Consumer creative tools, ad technologies, video distribution platforms, and content automation solutions are just some of the tools and services that can benefit from enabling their users to make custom music in seconds.

  7. How can my company start using Amper's Creative AI products?

    If Score or our API sound right for your company, please email us at sales@ampermusic.com and we can schedule a demo.

  8. How can I get pricing information?

    Pricing for Score and our API is based on team size and specific music needs. Email us at sales@ampermusic.com for more info.