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Why choose AI music?



A level of control you'll never get from stock libraries.

Length and structure So tracks automatically fit your content.

BPM So any song can fit your edit.

Instrumentation So you can define your sonic palette.

Mood So you can shape the emotion while keeping the vibe.



Headache-free pricing and usage so you can focus on the creative.

Royalty Free So you don't have to sweat it when your content goes viral.

Global Perpetual License So you don't have to worry about where your audience is.

Unlock your creativity and empower your workflow.



  • Kiss copyright takedowns good-bye
  • Differentiate your content with a custom sound
  • Turbo speed your workflow

Video Producers

  • Extend your creative vision to the music for the first time
  • Easily address client feedback
  • Don't sweat the license when the campaign goes global

Podcast Producers

  • Develop a sound that matches your unique voice
  • Tweak the music so it's the perfect complement to the spoken audio
  • Side-step the complexities of broadcast rights clearance

Did we mention that we have an API?

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